Seven balers deliver perfect paper

This brings the number of Presona balers being used by Ragn-Sells to seven.

The balers will also help Ragn-Sells to process more corrugated cardboard, plastic and other waste materials as it expands capacity at three of its recycling plants.

Ragn-Sells bought its first Presona baler in 2006, following a contract win with paper recycling specialist Pressretur. The company considered various suppliers, but opted for a Presona LP 80 VH1, which is still working well today.

As the company grew it needed higher capacity balers. The impressive performance of the first Presona, which had proved to be hard-working, stable and reliable, simplified the selection process. Ragn-Sells now has seven Presona balers operating in its Swedish plants.

Far from being put out to grass, the initial baler has been refurbished and is used at the company’s Örebro plant which has a lower throughput.

“It was the simplest and best solution to move the old baler there. It has been properly serviced and parts had been replaced as they wore out, so it works really well and has many years of service left in it. And of course re-using is the most efficient form of recycling, which is something we are specialists in,” says Lars Nordström of Ragn-Sells.

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