Baler touchscreen control

Premi 2.0: baling touchscreen added

New Presona LP Series balers will feature the latest touchscreen control technology. All will incorporate the PREMI 2.0 PLC Control System as standard, giving recycling plant operators and managers the ability to monitor, manage and switch operations via an intuitive screen.


Housed within the baler’s control panel or available as a standalone operator unit, the PREMI 2.0 puts productivity at the heart of the operation. Users can pre-set 20 frequently used programmes, switching between these via the animated touchscreen as required to optimise throughput levels and minimise downtime. When needed, users can configure the system for a specific, non-standard process or material.


Performance monitoring and troubleshooting is also simplified and can be carried out remotely from the baler’s touchscreen or from a computer. Using the secure cloud-based portal, facilities and plant managers can access production, operational, and energy efficiency data, with an option to include an energy meter. Remote checks include: programmes being used, active valves and motors, the position and status of moving parts and oil temperature and pressure levels.


The PREMI 2.0 PLC Control System stores data reports to help users identify and implement improvements and efficiencies. It is also configured to accept remote adjustments and software updates, provides multi-language functionality, and has three access levels: Operator, Manager and Presona Service.

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