Compact LP 50 EH baler

Introducing the LP 50 EH compact baler

The LP 50 EH is the latest prepress baler to be added to Presona’s popular LP Series. The new model is ideally suited to recycling, waste management and logistics applications and is available in two motor sizes:

  • LP 50 EH1 – 22 kW
  • LP 50 EH2 – 37 kW


Building on the high-performance principles and design efficiency synonymous with LP Series balers, the latest LP 50 EH iteration features an ECC tying unit with vertical needles from above. This new design does not require support legs, making it easier to locate within an existing footprint.


It also incorporates the PREMI 50 control system as standard, with the control cabinet attached to the side of the baler to enhance its compact footprint. If needed, the control cabinet can be placed elsewhere or configured as a separate, movable control panel for flexibility.


The LP 50 EH has an average hourly throughput for cardboard of up to 10 tonnes, maximising material handling even in space-limited locations. It can be used to bale a wide range of materials including paper, cardboard, plastic film and PET-bottles. It is typically fed by a conveyor system, which is also available from Presona.


As with all LP Series balers, the new model incorporates Presona’s prepress technology. This guarantees an even density throughout the bale and delivers uniform, square bales with perfect stackability. The prepress makes it possible to bale big size material without first using a shredder. It is also more energy efficient as all of the press force is used for material compaction.

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