Just as our balers are bespoke – so are our conveyors.

Each is designed and built for an individual application, taking into account the footprint, materials, throughput and operation.

In the first instance we will consider:

  • Chain conveyors
  • Troughing conveyors
  • Slide bed conveyors

Conveyors for rugged recycling plants

Our new range of chain belt conveyors has been designed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of recycling and waste management plants.

We have a long history of designing and supplying bespoke conveyor systems to support our LP Series balers. We’ve used this expertise to design a completely new conveyor system which can be fitted to any make of baler.

The result is a range of conveyors that is stronger, better suited to rugged environments and easier to maintain and upgrade than many others currently available. Here’s why:

Heavy duty – galvanized inside and out, improved powder coated finish, slat and chain construction, chemical resistant.

Modular – the design incorporates bolted modular panels that are quick to assemble and easy to adjust and dismantle for maintenance and optimum operation.Conveyor

Innovative – high side walls to accommodate more material; suspension system to accommodate heavy weights.

Service-friendly – modular, bolted, easily accessible parts, fully stocked replacements, 24/7 engineering support.

Conveyors can be supplied as part of a baling solution or as standalone plant. For more information contact the sales team on 01278 444527.