Baler increases confidential shredding capacity

In 2014, M & J Bowers extended its cardboard collection, recycling and export service and put in place plans to grow further in 2015/16. Part of the expansion plan involved an upgrade of recycling plant to increase capacity and improve productivity.

The new Presona baler is part of this upgrade, allowing the company to extend the material streams being baled, switching easily between shredded paper baling and cardboard baling as required.

When selecting the new Baler, M & J Bowers Managing Director John Bowers had a specification wish list. He wanted a baler with a reputation for reliability, flexibility and the ability to cope with high material volumes. He needed a system that could be tailored to M & J Bowers’ requirements and was supplied and installed with a full warranty.

He was also keen to find a supplier with a quick and local service agreement. A Presona LP 50 VH2 met all of these requirements and is now in-situ and working well.

“Our baler was OK, but at 27 years old it soon became clear that while it could bale shredded paper, it couldn’t cope with cardboard. It was working at capacity and needed constant operator supervision to produce a consistent bale quality. As soon as the new Presona baler was installed we realised just how much the old one had been struggling

“We can bale both shredded paper and cardboard, switching between materials as required. Our throughput has increased, and yet the speed of the new baler means that it still has more than 50 per cent capacity available

“It’s extremely flexible, easy to use and efficient – and unlike its predecessor, it doesn’t need constant operator supervision. It will allow us to continue growing and is exactly what we had hoped for.”

Managing Director John Bowers


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