Balers & Compactors for Recycling All Enviroments - Presona UK


Reliable Balers – Our machines can run 24/7 compacting many different products in to bales proving Presona balers have the ability to meet the most rigorous demands of the baling or recycling industry.

Cost Efficient Balers – Due to Presona’s innovative Prepress technology our Balers can create high density bales saving money on transportation while using 50% less power than conventional balers, This not only saves your business money in logistics but energy and time, ultimately lowering your carbon footprint.

Adaptive Balers – You can use Presona Balers to recycle a multitude of materials such as ~

   Paper (Waste/Trimmings)
   Corrugated Cardboard
   Tins/Steel Cans
   Aluminium Cans
   S.R.F Solid Recovered Fuel
   H.D.P.E High Density Polyethylene
   L.D.P.E Low Density Polyethylene (Plastic Film)
   P.E.T Plastic Bottles/Containers
   M.S.W Municipal Solid Waste
   R.D.F Refuse-Derived Fuel
   Shredded Industrial Waste

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